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The Village of Waynesville produces drinking water from wells along the Little Miami River. These aquifers are not impacted or threatened by the recent train derailment and subsequent chemical spill that occurred in East Palestine Ohio on February 3, 2023. The Village meets all Ohio EPA water quality standards required in our operating permit issued by the Ohio Environment Protection Agency.

Make Public Records Request

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The Village of Waynesville is pleased to provide the public with any public records not exempted from disclosure by law. You are not legally required to complete a written request for a public record, but filling out a written request enhances our ability to identify, locate and deliver the requested public record(s). If the request is unclear or too broad, we may be unable to fulfill your request.

Public Records Policy

Public Records Retention Schedule

Make a Public Records Request (Non-Police Department Records)

To make a request please call the office at (513) 897-8015 or email.

Please provide how you would like to receive request, providing an address or email, and a clear description of the particular record(s) you wish to receive. Be sure to include the timeframe during which the record was created (e.g., 2014 - 2015). If the request is unclear or too broad, we may be unable to fulfill your request.

Request for a Police Record Document

To obtain Police Department Records, email the Village Police Department.

In your request, please include the Report Number or if you do not have the Report Number, please include the incident date, time, location, type, and any other relevant information.

To contact the Division by phone, call 513-897-8010.

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