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Applications & Permits

The Village of Waynesville requires a zoning permit be issued prior to certain types of development within the Village.  A zoning permit application must be completed and the corresponding application fee submitted before your project will be considered.

Please refer to the specific zoning permit you are interested in for further information and guidelines.  If you have additional questions, please call our office at 513-897-8015.

How to apply for an accessory building permit (shed, detached garage) permit

An Accessory Structure permit is required prior to constructing, replacing, expanding or moving any detached structure (i.e. shed, detached garage). A permit must be completed in full and submitted to the Village Administration along with the application fee. Typically the application will be reviewed in 1-2 business days and you will be e-mailed or notified by telephone when the application has been approved or if additional information is needed.

Application must contain:

  1. Permit application.
  2. Fee of $100.
  3. Aerial view of property where the structure will be placed including setbacks and dimensions of structure.
  4. Image of the proposed structure, including dimensions and color.


Lot size two acres or less. An accessory structure shall be no larger than 720 square feet, shall contain no more than one story nor shall it exceed a total height of 15 feet as measured from the floor to the top of the roof, and no door serving the accessory structure shall exceed nine feet in height.

Location. Accessory uses and structures shall be located completely to the rear of the principal structure and shall be no closer than ten feet from any part of the principal structure. Accessory uses and structures must be 8 feet from the back lot line and 8 feet from the side lot line. Accessory uses and structures shall not be located within a recorded easement.

Exterior. In order to protect property values and encourage neighborhood stability, an accessory structure shall have an exterior which meets this standard and is compatible in appearance to the principal building on the parcel or lot.

How to apply for a fence permit

Please complete the following steps below to apply for a fence permit:

  1. Fill out the Permits and Application form.

  2. Provide an image of what the fence will look like along with height.  Please note chain link fences are not allowed.

  3. Provide an aerial view of property showing the location of the fence.

  4. Include the $50 fence permit fee.


  • Front Yard: The maximum height of the fence cannot exceed 36 inches. The fence must not be located in any right-of-way and cannot interfere with the visibility from driveways or intersections. Only decorative fences shall be constructed in front setbacks or side setbacks abutting streets. Decorative fences shall mean split rail or ornamental iron or other decorative fences as approved by the Director.

  • Chain link prohibited.

  • Front setbacks and/or side setbacks abutting streets and alleys in any district shall not exceed three feet in height and shall not obstruct the view of pedestrians or vehicular traffic or be detrimental to the public safety.

  • Side and Rear Yard: The maximum height of the fence cannot exceed 6 feet.  The "good" side (the side without structural supports) of privacy fencing must be facing out.

  • Electric, barbed wire, snow fences or other temporary fences are prohibited in all residential districts.

How to apply for a pool permit

Please complete the following steps below to apply for a pool permit:

  1. Fill out the Permits and Application form.

  2. All pools must have at least a 4 ft fence surrounding the pool.

  3. Provide an image of what the pool will look like.

  4. Provide an aerial view of property showing the location of the pool and fence surrounding the pool.

  5. Include the $100 pool permit fee.


No private swimming pool, above and below ground, shall be allowed in a residential zoning district except as an accessory use, and unless such private swimming pool has received a certificate of zoning compliance prior to issuance of a building permit and provided such pool complies with the following conditions and requirements.

  • The pool is intended and used primarily for the enjoyment of the occupants of the principal use of the property.

  • The pool shall be located to the rear of the principal structure and may not be located closer than seven feet to any lot line of the property on which it is located.

  • The pool, or the entire lot on which such pool is located, shall be enclosed by a structure with a minimum height of four feet to prevent uncontrolled access from the street and from adjacent properties.

  • Any lighting to illuminate the pool area shall be so arranged as to deflect the light away from the adjoining properties.

  • No person, firm, or corporation shall construct or install a swimming pool or make any alteration therein or in the appurtenances thereof without having received an approved certificate of zoning compliance

How to apply for a Short Term Rental (AirBnB/VRBO)

What is a short-term rental?

Basically, a short-term rental is a rental of all or a portion of your home for periods of less than 30 nights.  The Village of Waynesville is committed to working with residents to ensure that short-term rental activity respects neighborhood character, preserves housing supply, and complies with the Village's rules. The Zoning Department is responsible for registering eligible hosts and for administering enforcement of the Village's short-term rental regulations, which can be found here.

Application for Short Term Rental

Ordinance regulating Short Term Rentals

Lodging Tax Form 

Please complete the following steps below to apply for a Short Term Rental Permit:

  1. Read over the above legislation for Short Term Rentals to ensure the property qualifies.
  2. Fill out the Application for Short Term Rentals, this application must be renewed annually no later than December 1st for the following year.
  3. Include the $100 application fee.
  • The Village of Waynesville administers a 3% lodging excise tax on Short Term Rental lodging.
  • Taxes are due the end of each month for the previous month. For example, a short-term rental
    host would file taxes collected in the month of October by the 30th of November.
  • Short Term Rentals collect and remit the monthly excise taxes to the Village of Waynesville, Tax Commissioner. 
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